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Sunny, cloudy, bright!

I’ve always wondered what my dad was on about when he used the phrase above, but now I understand.

For my birthday I was given two very cool cameras from the 60s. A Kodak Instamatic 100 and another Kodak Instamatic 204. I thought they were worthy of a post at least. You cannot buy the film anymore but I’m planning to buy some expired film to try them out. After a bit of research I discovered that one of them uses an additional ‘flash cube’ (literally a cube that sits on top and swivels with a flash that can only be used once). I can’t imagine that now.

The third picture shows the basic aperture settings for when it’s sunny or cloudy.¬†Also worth showing you is the old packaging for my Canon A-1 bellow thing. Lush!

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I went back home for ‘Mothering Saturday’ and looked at some of my art work from A-Level. Oh those were the days… when typography was not even a word I’d come across, when you could do whatever you wanted without reason and Mrs Woods and Mrs Shed would be hovering around with the latest gossip.

~ Anyway, I saw this drawing of Twiggy I had made many years ago and stuck on some sort of mood board sheet (you can see what I believe to be the side of a London Bus behind it). I felt I must share and hear of your views on this sixties icon.

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