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Sunny, cloudy, bright!

I’ve always wondered what my dad was on about when he used the phrase above, but now I understand.

For my birthday I was given two very cool cameras from the 60s. A Kodak Instamatic 100 and another Kodak Instamatic 204. I thought they were worthy of a post at least. You cannot buy the film anymore but I’m planning to buy some expired film to try them out. After a bit of research I discovered that one of them uses an additional ‘flash cube’ (literally a cube that sits on top and swivels with a flash that can only be used once). I can’t imagine that now.

The third picture shows the basic aperture settings for when it’s sunny or cloudy. Also worth showing you is the old packaging for my Canon A-1 bellow thing. Lush!

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Life’s a blur

So, for my 21st birthday I was given a new lomography camera that takes four shots in succession. I really like the bizarre blurry effect it has. Lots of the shots came out brilliantly.

These are the ones that went wrong or what my mother would consider rubbish. ‘But what do I know? I’m not up to date with these sort of things,’ she’ll then say quickly after.


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Visit to the factory

So to cut a very long and exciting story short…

My housemate Rosie is a photography student and for her project she took photographs of factories. To see her amazing work please look at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/roseduffy/4661511388/

We went to Wales and on our way saw the Stella Artois factory. These are some of my shots taken with my Canon A1. Unfortunately, there is something wrong with it and it keeps making strange bands of scorched light on the images. I quite like it though.

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West Park Mental Asylum, Epsom

Now, I know this is not exactly post related but I got very excited about this.

Yesterday my friend drove me to the derelict shell of West Park Mental Asylum in Epsom as part of her new photography project. As you approach this ominous looking building you become overwhelmed by the sheer scale of the place. It is just like a haunted house found in films.


The endless empty corridors, the cavernous floors with gaping holes and the abandoned equipment once used by medics and kitchen staff. The walls are all covered with peeling paint that creates a marvellous shaggy texture throughout.

Treading through the darkness we would often come across dead ends or rooms that were too dangerous to enter. All the time I felt like someone was watching us; it had a very oppressive feeling as you walked down the winding passages.

The spookiest parts were a room in complete darkness with a window of light shining on a solitary wheelchair and the padded cell.

We were only there for a few hours but it is so large that you could easily get lost and spend a good few days documenting the place. I wouldn’t recommend exploring on your own.

Here are some photographs I took on our visit.

Stirrup PumpMirrorThe infamous hoover roomKitchen ovensWay outDry cleaning stickerscrawl on the wallsthe old theatre roomCellsCarpet mountainsempty roomthe spooky wheelchairmedical cabinetsview through doorshoes in corridor

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