Oh Golly! I can’t believe they made this into a postcard!

I’m still a little lost for words. Oh dear… oh dear.

(Found at Wareham Museum, Dorset)


Some oldies but goodies

Remember that project I did a while back where I left disposable cameras around and asked strangers to take photos? Yeah? Well, i came across them again today and thought I’d showcase some of my favourites.

Slumdog Millionaire

A small book designed last year which required us to sort out a huge amount of information about the film Slumdog Millionaire. My emphasis was on the shocking facts about the slums in Mumbai.

Life’s a blur

So, for my 21st birthday I was given a new lomography camera that takes four shots in succession. I really like the bizarre blurry effect it has. Lots of the shots came out brilliantly.

These are the ones that went wrong or what my mother would consider rubbish. ‘But what do I know? I’m not up to date with these sort of things,’ she’ll then say quickly after.


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Eye Eye!

Underneath the Bournemouth Eye!

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Visit to the factory

So to cut a very long and exciting story short…

My housemate Rosie is a photography student and for her project she took photographs of factories. To see her amazing work please look at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/roseduffy/4661511388/

We went to Wales and on our way saw the Stella Artois factory. These are some of my shots taken with my Canon A1. Unfortunately, there is something wrong with it and it keeps making strange bands of scorched light on the images. I quite like it though.

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Last day tomorrow!

Tomorrow I will have completed my two weeks of work experience at the design agency, Campbell Rowley in Bournemouth. I know! Bath one week… Bournemouth the next. I don’t hang about!

Anyway, I’m having a great time and I’ve learnt such a lot from all of the guys at the studio. My project for the past two weeks has been coming up with a brand for a new up-market photographic/ print website selling high quality images. I’ll post these up soon!

Tuned In

Pete and I are on a work experience placement at the design agency ‘Radio’ in Bath this week.

It is in an amazing building called ‘The Dispensary’ which was the first public health centre of its kind in England and is now home to a host of creative agencies. Every room is filled with ephemera from juke boxes to little toy robots. It is such an inspiring place and it even has a cinema and a lobby!

Fingers crossed it all goes well!

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Dear Mr Postman…

Spotted in Bath today!

Where do shoes go to die?

I took these photographs today as I keep seeing more and more shoes accumulate on the telegraph wires just by Alma Road. I think they are really cool. I hope it’s an artist or a troubled youth throwing them up there. The more the merrier! Keep going, I say.

It made me pause though… where do shoes go to die?