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A close shave

A close shave

I lasted 16 days but the scratchy caterpillar that was my moustache was just too much to bare.

To all the mo bro’s out there. I am sorry. I tried.


Movember is here!

Watch this space for weekly updates as I embark on a hairy voyage and try to grow a moustache for charity. For more information visit:


Poole in Spring

Just some snaps taken with my actionsampler camera.

99 flakebunting poolethe mysterious footglee on beachlifeguardsunion jacks

What a year!

Rather than rambling on about the past year, I thought I’d just show it visually. These are essentially happy snaps, but you’ll get the jist. So here goes, a year condensed into 28 images.


New portfolio website It’s here at last. My portfolio website showcasing my latest work. Have a look!

Do your thing on Boscombe Pier

Totally unplanned and unrehearsed. Enjoy!

The Impossible Project

I cannot wait to buy some of this!

The Impossible Project is trying to create a workable version of the much-loved but now discontinued Polaroid film and have succeeded! Hoorah! I shall be buying in bulk as I cannot wait to work my grandad’s old polaroid camera (seen below).

Even the packaging is beautiful!

(Images taken from the Impossible Project website)

My Polaroid Camera!

Sunny, cloudy, bright!

I’ve always wondered what my dad was on about when he used the phrase above, but now I understand.

For my birthday I was given two very cool cameras from the 60s. A Kodak Instamatic 100 and another Kodak Instamatic 204. I thought they were worthy of a post at least. You cannot buy the film anymore but I’m planning to buy some expired film to try them out. After a bit of research I discovered that one of them uses an additional ‘flash cube’ (literally a cube that sits on top and swivels with a flash that can only be used once). I can’t imagine that now.

The third picture shows the basic aperture settings for when it’s sunny or cloudy. Also worth showing you is the old packaging for my Canon A-1 bellow thing. Lush!

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